Evaluation of biocides used for control of SRB presents in a oilfield water plant

Orietta León, Carmen Cárdenas, Ismenia Araujo, Jenny Carruyo


The purpose of this work was to optimize the chemical treatment (application of biocide) in a treatment plant of water formation for injection in wells. In the system, where these waters must be passing around, the quantity of sulphate-reducing bacteria (SRB) is equal or smaller than 100 SRB/mL, by regulations, to avoid the plugging by the deposits and equipment and thus, assure the quality of plant effluents and to guarantee the feasibility of the secondary recovery process of the oil without affecting the respective oil bids. The results from the economic study, allow to select the biocide GA-2. The dose-times from 300 ppm per 3 hours was the best one for the formation water that was treated, in the water plant. The biocide GA-2 was proven in field when the water quality was under the regulations for SRB.

Palabras clave

treatment plants; formation waters; biocides

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