Giardia cysts study: Wastewater removal value of conventional system treatment and water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) purification. Technical note

Silvana Pertuz, Nairoby Jiménez, Lenín Herrera, Ismenia Araujo


Here we report the results of Giardia cysts removal from wastewater treatment. The samples were collected from facultative pond, A1 and maturation pond, A3 of oxidation ponds nine system. Others samples were collected from hyacinth tank, slow sand filter and trickling filter units feeding maturation ponds effluents. The sample were prosecuted according to Ho el. al (1995), with partials modifications. Giardia cysts were removed from hyacinth tank maturation effluents. An 78,0% Giardia cysts were removed from slow sand filler units and 50,0%, the from trickling filter units. Cysts removal from domestic wastewater treatment in oxidation ponds were 90.9%. The treatments were significative (p≤ 0.05) for the reduction of Giardia cysts of wastewater. The removal Giardia cysts were effective in oxidations ponds, hyacinth tank, slow sand filter units and trickling filter units.

Palabras clave

cysts; Giardia; treatment; wastewater

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