Stationary phase evaluation in SARA separation of two crudes oils from Barinas sub-basin, Venezuela.

B. Leal, M. Freites, E. Bracho, M. Martínez, L. López


An evaluation was made of several stationary phases in a SARA separation of two oils from Barinas sub-basin. The SARA analytical device used was on column liquid-solid chromatography. Different pro- portions and packing of silica and alumina were used as stationary phases. Variations in the saturated and aromatic hydrocarbons relationships were obtained when the proportions of silica and alumina stationary phases were modified, while the resins concentration didn”™t show any variation. After the analysis of saturate biomarkers and aromatic markers, it was revealed that only the monoaromatic steroids presented differences when the stationary phase was changed.

Palabras clave

SARA; stationary phase; oil; liquid chromatography; biomarker

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