Application of GPS satellite technique for studying Gral. Rafael Urdaneta bridge dynamic behavior

Víctor Cioce, Dameli Camarillo, Melvin Hoyer, Eugen Wildermann, Giovanni Royero


Gral. Rafael Urdaneta Bridge over Maracaibo Lake is considered a very important engineering structure in the country, due to its structural features and influences in socioeconomics development for zulian region. Many multidisciplinary researches focus in the maintenance and preservation of the bridge had been made since opening and from Geodetic Engineering perspective studies had pointed to estimate geometrics deformations suffered by the structure due to dynamic and static loads using conventional methods. This paper describes first known experiences in Venezuela related to GPS satellite technique application to study bridges dynamic behavior. The designed measurements and processing methodologies offer highly accurate and representative results according to comparison with external references.

Palabras clave

GPS; deformation; Gral. Rafael Urdaneta bridge; dynamic load

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