Nernst-Planck Model applied to the kinetics of ionic exchange of the system PO4 ”“3-Cl”“ in milk

Julissa Marín, Cézar García, Jorge Alaña, Karina Martínez, José Faría


The kinetics of ionic exchange was determined in milk for decrease of the content of salinity and increase of the stability of the milk, studying the effect of the operational variables: temperature, time of contact milk-resin, on the exchange process for the system ionic chloride-phosphate. The experimental methodology required the use of a reactor for batch with half agitation to exchange the ions chloride present in the solution with ions phosphate fixed to resin strongly basic anionic, during a period of 180 minutes. The content of chloride in the liquid phase was determined by the technique of valuation mercurometric and that of phosphate by spectophotometer. The kinetics data were adjusted in function of a kinetic model of ionic exchange developed starting from the theoretical model of Nernst-Planck that includes the diffusion mechanisms and ionic migration for any system ionic under control of the liquid phase.

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