CdTe thin films electrodeposition on gold electrode in EDTA-Ammonia aqueous solutions

Milagro Montilla, Domingo Alarcón, Reynaldo Ortiz


In the present work, we report the electrochemical growth and characterization of CdTe semiconductor thin films in alkaline solution. The electrodeposition was performed cathodically applying a constant potential. Tellurium (IV) and Cd2+ aqueous alkaline solutions were employed as precursor of CdTe. EDTA was used as complexing agent for Cd2+ ions. The thin film composition was determined by atomic emission spectroscopy with inductive coupling plasm (AES-ICP) and Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis). UV-visible spectroscopy allowed determining the optical band gap energy, which was 1.64 eV. The photovoltammetric experiment shows up that the synthesized CdTe thin film was p-type semiconductor.

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