Paired Combinations in Kazakh Language and it´s Ways of Translation into Russian

  • Gulnaz Renatovna ISKHAKOVA
  • Zoya Nikolaevna KIRILLOVA Kazan Federal University. Russia
  • Ilmira Kanatovna YERBULATOVA Zhangir Khan University, Kazakhstan
Palabras clave: Binomials, category of pairing, copulative additions, hendiadys, literary translation. / Adiciones copulativas, binomios, categoría de emparejamiento, combinaciones de palabras en pares, combinaciones paratácticas.




This article is dedicated to the study of the lexical category of the pairs of words represented by the copulative addition containing the specific national-cultural meaning. The purpose of this article is to define such concepts as paired combinations, copulative additions, paired-compound utterances, binomials, syntagma formula, reduplications, tautological phraseological units, paratactic combinations. The main results of the study make it possible to find out how the typical tasks of the literary translation of the considered category of pair words are realized to recreate the specific national and cultural background of the Kazakh language metaphysics.



Este artículo está dedicado al estudio de la categoría léxica de los pares de palabras representadas por la adición copulativa que contienen el significado nacional-cultural específico. El propósito de este artículo es definir conceptos tales como combinaciones pareadas, adiciones copulativas, expresiones compuestas pareadas, binomios, fórmulas de sintagma, reduplicaciones, unidades fraseológicas tautológicas, combinaciones paratácticas. Los principales resultados del estudio permiten descubrir cómo se realizan las tareas típicas de la traducción literaria de la categoría considerada de palabras en pares, para recrear los antecedentes nacionales y culturales específicos de la metafísica del idioma kazajo.


Biografía del autor/a

Gulnaz Renatovna ISKHAKOVA
born in 1996. In 2018 she graduated from Kazan Federal University with a degree in “45.03.01. - Philology. " The theme of the final qualification work: "The lexical and grammatical features of the translation of poems by A. Akhmatova into the Tatar language." Master student of the Department of General Linguistics and Turkology, Institute of Physics and Mathematics, KFU. Research interests: linguistics, translation studies, literary criticism.
Zoya Nikolaevna KIRILLOVA, Kazan Federal University. Russia
born in 1974. Candidate of Philology. In 1995 she graduated from Kazan State University, faculty of Tatar philology, history and Oriental languages, specialty "Philology: Tatar language and literature." In 2000, she defended her thesis on the topic "Problems of the implementation of the Tatar language as the state language in the 20-30s of the XX century", specialty 02.10.02 - Languages of the Peoples of the Russian Federation (Tatar language). Associate Professor, Department of General Linguistics and Turkology, IFMK KFU. Research interests: linguistics, linguistics, dialectology, translation studies, etc.
Ilmira Kanatovna YERBULATOVA, Zhangir Khan University, Kazakhstan

born in 1985. Candidate of Philology. In 2019, she graduated from postgraduate study at the Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication of KFU, direction: 06.06.01 - Linguistics and Literary Studies. In 2019, she defended her thesis on "National cultural realities in the works of the Kazakh writer Dukenbai Doszhan and how to translate them into Russian", specialty 10.02.20 - Comparative-historical, typological and comparative linguistics. Senior Lecturer, Center for the Development of Languages, West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University Zhangir Khan. Research interests: comparative studies, theory and practice of translation, etc.


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