Ethnopolitics: regulatory principles of ethno-separatism

  • Imdad Bayramov Baku State University
Palabras clave: ethno-politics, ethno-separatism, economic development, critical historical period, nation-building.


The existing relationship, both in theory and in  concrete historical reality,  between economics, political development and ethnicity is substantial, to the point that ethno-politics can then be talked about as a novel field of study that, although based on political science, quickly transcends the order of the multi and interdisciplinary. It is order of ideas; this research article was aimed at identifying from the perspective of ethno-political analysis the principles that regulate the discourse of ethno-separatism. At the methodological level, documentary research technique was used. It is concluded that ethnicity goes through certain stages in its historical development. Political records show.  the existence of a multidimensional ethos that is observed culturally, socially, and democratically as a material and symbolic force that identifies some communities while differentiating them from others. Ethno-politics is in fact part of the concept of a political nation that preserves ethno-social-sofactors. From that moment on, the category of   ethno begins to subsumme the historical memory of the community and the national thought that determines its level of modern consciousness.

Biografía del autor/a

Imdad Bayramov, Baku State University
Associate Professor of  Baku State University, Azerbaijan


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