Designing method for educational environment in the system of continuous pedagogical education

Sergeeva M.G, Belova D.N, Nikolaeva M.V., Suslennikova E.Е


The trend of development of the information and communication environment is the transfer of individual activity to the Internet: professional activities mediated by remote technologies; the development of social networks-communities, personal websites, blogs, twitters; scientific, educational, and artistic publications; viewing news, movies, concerts, meetings, etc. In this context, the dual social role of a professional teacher as a provider and, at the same time, a consumer of educational services is highlighted. Meeting the needs of the education system the teacher is able to implement innovative changes in the educational process, requires a fundamentally new technological support of innovation and expects the teachers’ knowledge of the relevant standards of innovative behavior and description of models.

Palabras clave

Personal educational environment, Continuous pedagogical education, Information technologies, Teacher’s electronic portfolio.

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