Intrapersonal conflict as the factor of professional self-determination

  • Victoria Ravilꞌevna Sagitova, Andrey Valeryevich Ivanov, Andrey Georgievich Bolshakov Kazan Federal University, Institute of Social and Philosophical Sciences and Mass Communications
Palabras clave: Conflict, Intrapersonal, Professional, Self-Determination, Ambivalent.


The purpose of this work is to cover the issue of intrapersonal conflicts as the manifestations of profession internal choice in the process of professional self-determination via comparative qualitative research methods. As a result, there are conflicts between the need for independence and custody, as well as between the level of claims and achievements among the girls. In conclusion, the stage of choosing a profession at the level of an individual is intense, partly abstract in its manifestations.
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Andrey Georgievich Bolshakov, V. R. S. A. V. I. (2019). Intrapersonal conflict as the factor of professional self-determination. Opción, 35, 1067-1081. Recuperado a partir de

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