Interaction of mass media with the audience in the context of convergence

  • Ramis Rassyhovich Gazizov Kazan Federal University, Kremliovskaya str., 18, 420008, Kazan, Russian Federation
  • Anastasia Sergeevna Yufereva Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin
Palabras clave: Convergence, Media, Internet Technologies, Journalists.


The article focuses on communicative convergence, which involves the process of the audience and periodicals role change in the information and communication space via comparative qualitative research methods. As a result, despite the significant increase of information on the Internet, most professional journalists are convinced that they have retained the right to retain the monopoly on information. The respondents came to this conclusion, based on the fact that journalists have all the necessary skills and competencies that allow them to engage in journalistic activities, while other users, in particular, bloggers, do not have the necessary qualities
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Rassyhovich Gazizov, R., & Sergeevna Yufereva, A. (2019). Interaction of mass media with the audience in the context of convergence. Opción, 35, 1053-1066. Recuperado a partir de

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