Destination and essence of Arabic studies in Russia

  • Mohammed Saleh Al-Ammari, Sumbel Usmanovna Sabitova Kazan Federal University
  • Mohammed Al-Hannash University of Sidi Mohammed bin Abdulla
Palabras clave: Russia, Arabic, Islam, Caliphate, Muslim


The article describes the paths of development and the formation stages of Russian Arabic studies via the systematization of the accumulated body of knowledge about Russian Arabic studies, as well as the analysis of the information received and the synthesis of new ideas. As a result, after the changes in the world linguistic science, communicative competences came to the forefront in foreign language teaching, and grammar faded into the background. Thus, it can be concluded that Russian Arabic studies have great potential for development and rich history.
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Sumbel Usmanovna Sabitova, M. S. A.-A., & Al-Hannash, M. (2019). Destination and essence of Arabic studies in Russia. Opción, 35, 1039-1052. Recuperado a partir de