Thinking in fine arts as a problem of modern and foreign philosophy

Sholpan A. Akbayeva, Zhanar S. Kenessarina, Ardak A. Nigmeto , Abduali T. Tolebiev, Inna M. Zayats, Alina N. Lobanova


The authors analyzed the phenomenon of freedom of creativity in artistic culture via the historical, cultural and artistic-philosophical approaches. As a result, many new facts, concepts, names entered the scientific circulation. Promising were the studies of socialist realism as a special discursive practice or the space of patron-client relations and informal networks of influence. In conclusion, Russian researchers are less likely to have theoretical ambitions; they are engaged in gathering facts and publicistic assessments of the past while domestic experts are more interested in the political aspects of the history of art.

Palabras clave

Problem, Creative, Freedom, Fine Art.

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