GPS NTRIP observations: A new alternative for precise positioning in Venezuela.

A Briceño, L Mass I Rubí, V Cioce, G Royero, L Bacaicoa, E Wildermann, M Hoyer, M Barrios


Innovating developments and technologies at satellite positioning GNSS gives an increasing geosciences community a powerful tool for precise coordinate determination at a great application range in function of quality needed. Real time observations in combination with NTRIP services for broadcasting the differential corrections have been accepted at a great branch of applications. SIRGAS-REGVEN GPS permanent station Maracaibo (MARA) recently has been accommodated with newer equipment allowing transmission of corrections issued via NTRIP by the Internet. Receiving the transmissions freely (only handy flat rates apply), real time applications got available to the users of the growing internet community throughout the country. Strengthening geodetic national infrastructure should be obtained incorporating other stations of Venezuelan permanent GPS network (REMOS). Formerly, GPS with NTRIP had been applied only under experimental conditions. Using MARA NTRIP service, different application scenes have been performed at Maracaibo Lake district for investigating latency and quality purposes of the technique. Results show clearly a high consolidation potential for real time-NTRIP use solving a great branch of topographic and geodetic problems of the nation.

Palabras clave

ntrip; sirgas-regven; gps; real time; precise positioning

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