Dissolved mercury-trace ion exchange using Sumichelate resin Q-IOR

C. Sarmiento, C. García, L. Prieto, X. Ferrer, N. Fernández


The present work desctibles the exchange of dissolved mercury at levels below 1 ~/g, including the ionic species Hg+2 and CH3Hg+ on the chelating resin SUMICHELATE g-10R. The expetimental assays by batch and column were programmed to determine the ion-exchange kinetics. interferent effects of other cations and the effectiveness of the desorption solution. The results indicate that the resin has preferential exchange for mercury ions over Ca++ and Mg++ ions, without significant differences between the ionic species Hg+2 or CH3Hg+. The recovery of dissolved mercury by desorption from the resin by the acidified solution of thiourea reached the following values; 93.4% Hg+2 and 96.9% CH3Hg+2 by column, while 94.2% Hg+2 and 95.6% CH3Hg+2 by batch. The preferential selectivity of the resin and the high recovery of thiourea make this approach a viable alternative for the quantitative analysis of mercury dissolved in water at trace levels below 1 ~/g.

Palabras clave

ion exchange; mercury traces; resins; kinetics

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