Attitudes toward migration on the Ecuadorian border

Andrés Fabricio Subía Arellano, Diana Carolina Montero Medina, Robin Williams Calvo Rodríguez, Vanessa Mercedes Villarreal Villarreal


This study aims to analyze the difference in the attitudes toward migrants that have
Ecuadorians living in the border city of Tulcán, compared with the attitude of those who
live in the city of Quito. The instrument used was the Scale of Attitudes Towards
Immigrants EAPI (by its Spanish acronym) designed by Subía, A.; Arroyo, D.; Montero,
D. and Cedeño, X. (2019). Findings show that there is a statistically significant
relationship between the variables: level of education, knowledge of the difference
between voluntary migration and forced migration, place of residence of local citizens
and the attitude of rejection towards migrants.

Palabras clave

Attitudes; discrimination; forced displacement; migration

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