Sustainability of peacebuilding in aceh: an application of New Aceh scenario framework

Afrizal Tjoetra, Fiandy Mauliansyah, Mursyidin, Nellis Mardhiah, Jumadil Saputra


The social change investment is continuously employed by Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Aceh. One of the efforts is to compile the documents of the Future Aceh Scenario (2007 - 2017). This study aims to determine the achievements of current changes compared to the time of the preparation of 2007 documents. The results obtained relate to the agenda of CSOs in Aceh to realize the New Aceh followed by the transformation of the roles and issues that CSOs have conducted in Aceh through policy advocacy, and actions related to the economic and social empowerment of communities

Palabras clave

Civil Society Organization, Social and Economic and Empowerment Action, Peacebuilding Sustainability, Good Governance and Clean Government.

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