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Vol. 41, Nº 78 (2023), 493-503
IEPDP-Facultad de Ciencias Jurídicas y Políticas - LUZ
Formation of a security environment
for personnel management of
socio-economic systems before and
during the war: Legal aspect
Stepan Melnyk *
Odarka Chabaniuk **
Zoryana Ravlinko ***
Nina Petrukha ****
Iryna Bodnariuk *****
The aim of the research was to examine the legal aspects of
formation of a security environment for personnel management
of socio-economic systems, before and during the war in Ukraine.
The following methods were used to support the set objective:
induction and deduction, comparison and systematization. Military
actions on the territory of Ukraine create a valuable information base for
considering changes in personnel management through further external
inuences, in particular, in terms of transformation of the labor market due
to the strengthening of labor migration processes, because after February
24, 2022 there is a signicant number of refugees and internally displaced
persons. The processed information allows to conclude that, the nature
of certain threats in January 2022 and January 2023, together with the
formation of a holistic view of the sources of occurrence and intensication
of the impact of each threat based on the generalization of analytical
materials, allowed to form the basis for making changes to personnel
management, to maintain the viability of enterprises despite the materiality
of legal changes in the labor market in the framework of the war.
Keywords: security environment; personnel management; legal aspects;
socio-economic systems; war in Ukraine.
* Lviv State University of Internal Aairs, Lviv, Ukraine. ORCID ID:
** Department of Accounting, Control, Analysis and Taxation, Lviv University of Trade and Economics,
Lviv, Ukraine. ORCID ID:
*** Head of the Legal Department of "Troyanda Zahid" LLC, Ukraine. ORCID ID:
**** Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, Ukraine. ORCID ID: https://orcid.
***** Rivne Technical Vocational College of National University of Water and Environmental Engineering,
Rivne, Ukraine. ORCID ID:
Stepan Melnyk, Odarka Chabaniuk, Zoryana Ravlinko, Nina Petrukha y Iryna Bodnariuk
Formation of a security environment for personnel management of socio-economic systems
before and during the war: Legal aspect
Formación de un entorno de seguridad para la gestión
del personal de los sistemas socioeconómicos antes y
durante la guerra: Aspecto legal
El objetivo de la investigación fue examinar los aspectos legales de
formación de un entorno de seguridad para la gestión del personal de los
sistemas socioeconómicos, antes y durante la guerra en Ucrania. Como
soporte del objetivo plateado se emplearon los siguientes métodos: inducción
y deducción, comparación y sistematización. Las acciones militares en el
territorio de Ucrania crean una base de información valiosa para considerar
cambios en la gestión del personal a través de mayores inuencias externas,
en particular, en términos de transformación del mercado laboral debido
al fortalecimiento de los procesos de migración laboral, porque despues
el 24 de febrero de 2022 hay un número signicativo de refugiados y
desplazados internos. La información procesada permite concluir que, la
naturaleza de ciertas amenazas en enero de 2022 y enero de 2023, junto
a la formación de una visión holística de las fuentes de ocurrencia y la
intensicación del impacto de cada amenaza basada en la generalización
de materiales analíticos, permitió formar la base para realizar cambios a la
gestión de personal, para mantener la viabilidad de las empresas a pesar de
la materialidad de los cambios legales en el mercado laboral en el marco de
la guerra.
Palabras clave: entorno de seguridad; gestión de personal; aspectos
legales; sistemas socioeconómicos; Guerra en Ucrania.
The high dynamism of economic processes entails the transformation
of the activities of each enterprise, which is directly manifested in a change
in emphasis in personnel management as the most valuable resource,
the qualitative parameters of which determine not only the possibility of
achieving the set tactical and strategic goals, a competitive position in the
market, but also trends in the existence and development.
At the same time, we are not talking about a labor force that is endowed
with certain professional skills and is passive in performing certain tasks.
For modern socio-economic systems, only highly qualied employees are
valuable who are ready to pay signicant attention to the development
of their personal human capital, show creative thinking, are able to solve
previously non-existent problems, and are able to actively participate
in the development and adoption of managerial decisions not only of an
operational, but also of a strategic nature.
Vol. 41 Nº 78 (2023): 493-503
The above fully corresponds to the nature of the changes caused by
the direction towards the development of Industry 4.0, when there is a
decrease in the need for physical unskilled labor, but there is a growing
demand for intellectual and involving the use of information technologies
for deep interaction with machines within the limits of increasing the pace
of robotization. and automation.
Along with an attempt to attract and create favorable legal and security
conditions for creative work, the fact that the labor force is not only the
most valuable resource, but also the main source of threats to the economic
and legal security of the socio-economic system remains out of focus.
Technological advancement has not contributed to the reduction of such
threats, but has provoked a modication of their content, an example of
which may be an increase in losses due to the disclosure of trade secrets and
the damage from the release of workers who are carriers of human capital,
the development of which the employer has contributed to (Ashenden,
2008; Kormych et al., 2020).
The active phase of hostilities that began on February 24, 2022 on the
territory of Ukraine is quite an interesting moment to track the changing
security aspects in relation to personnel management in the face of a sharp
increase in external threats that directly aect the labor market due to a
signicant number of refugees and internally displaced persons. After
COVID-19, the improvement of personnel management should be carried
out based on the possible consequences of a military confrontation not only
in Ukraine, but also in other countries based on the experience gained.
1. Materials and methods
The issues of adapting personnel management of socio-economic
systems in conict situations, in particular external large-scale and
prolonged aggression using means of destruction and destruction of
civilian infrastructure, have been little studied, but it is necessary given
the increased instability in human development under the pressure of
irreversible changes in the natural environment, population and reduction
of natural resources necessary for the continuation of the existence of
mankind (Mishra, 2021; Sopilnyk, 2020; Zhavoronkova, 2016).
To determine the aspects of security with the further development of
management technology, the following methods were applied: induction
and deduction, comparison and systematization - to characterize the
modern understanding of the essence of personnel management; synthesis
and analysis - to identify key threats related to the management of socio-
economic systems; morphological analysis - to clarify the directions in
personnel management regarding the main stages of interaction between an