Photodynamic therapy for multiple basal cell carcinomas.

Humberto Cabrera, Jorge Castro, Hilda Grassi


In this work we describe the use of two chlorin e-6 based photosensitizers (Radachlorin® and Photolon®) to treat multiple basal cell carcinomas. Photodynamic therapy method was applied for two patients with 31 superficial basal cell carcinomas. The presented data show a positive response with an overall rate of 100% complete regression in all treated lesions, and acceptable aesthetic results without serious side-effects or complications during or after treatments. Therefore the photodynamic therapy method with chlorin derivatives appears to be good promising option for the treatment of multiple basal cell carcinomas.

Palabras clave

photodynamic therapy; photosensitizer; radachlorin®; Photolon®; carcinomas

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Universidad del Zulia /Venezuela/  Ciencia/ /ISSN 1315-2076



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