Upcoming changes


The Journal of the Faculty of Agronomy, Universidad del Zulia informs its authors and the general public that changes are being implemented to adapt to the new publishing times. These changes include a new editing format and Rolling Pass of your articles. These changes seek to make reading our articles more enjoyable and speed up the communication process of investigations and thus contribute to making them available to the user for reading and citing more expeditiously.
The Rolling Pass of the articles in no way implies changes in the editorial policy, nor in the editorial line of the magazine. The periodicity of the numbers will be maintained, quarterly, but the online availability of the articles accepted for publication in each number will be more efficient in this new publication modality, reducing the waiting times for publication and therefore the articles may be cited immediately after being available on the journal website https://produccioncientificaluz.org/index.php/agronomia without the need to wait for the full issue to be published.
These changes will take effect for the number 1 of volume 39 of the year 2022.