An Efficient Approach towards Occluded Face Detection

A Balasundaram, C. Chellappan


In today’s world, security has gained utmost significance in every walk of life. With the recent advancements in image and video analytics, emphasis has been towards developing enhanced surveillance systems which perform complex tasks that include automated security incident detection, tracking and analysis in real time. The primary objective of this paper is to automatically detect the presence of any masked or occluded face in real time. A robust technique based on pivotal facial points has been developed. The paper discusses in detail how the pivotal points are observed extracted are used in discovering masked faces in real time. Analysis of this algorithm’s performance on test data sets gives positive insights for further enhancements towards occluded face detection in real time surveillance

Palabras clave

Mask detection; face detection; eye detection; face occlusion; video surveillance; partial occlusion

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Universidad del Zulia /Venezuela/ Revistas de ciencias sociales / /ISSN: 1315-9518


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