Colombia´s Special Jurisdiction for Peace, use of Case concept within their decisions and harm to procedural guarantees

Daniel Ricardo Vargas Diaz, Fernanda NAVAS-CAMARGO3


Transitional Justice should provide war victims with tools that attain their dignity and lead
to acknowledgement of the violations occurred, so to prevent further perpetrations of human
rights. Installment of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (SJP)4 was made in March of year
2018 and the first judgements lead to question the accuracy of their interpretation and
application of concepts in their court decisions, i.e. Case. This paper aims to criticize the
submission of the term, to make visible the harm being made because of wrongful application
and breach of the procedural guarantees from international standards of judgement

Palabras clave

Case, International Criminal Law, Nexus, Special Jurisdiction for Peace, Transitional Justice

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