Assessment of Sand Dune Hazards for Land Use/Land cover in Ma’an Governorate

Aymen AL-Taani, Yusra Al-husban


The main goals of this paper are to assess the risk of sand accumulation as a hazard for the land use/land cover (LULC) in Ma’an Governorate via comparative quantitative research methods. The results of LULC showed that human activities represent only 340.74 km² (1.03%), namely of built-up area, forest and irrigated area, besides the 240 km of road length concentrated in the western and southwestern regions of Ma’an, so the sand accumulation is hazards well-studied in detail in this area. In conclusion, many farms were relocated from one place to another to avoid areas covered by sand dunes.

Palabras clave

Sand Dune, Hazards, LULC, Ma’an Governorate.

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