Identification, characterization, and purification of xylanase PC-01 isolated from Pacet hot spring

Mamik Damayanti, Ni Nyoman Purwani, Ni Made Dwi Purwadi, Lailatul Fithri


This research aims to characterize, identify and purify the xylanolytic enzymes by hydrophobic interaction and anion exchange chromatography via the endo-β-xylanase activity test with the DNS method. The best results obtained from anion-exchange chromatography of third fraction pH 5 with the purity level of 78.25 times higher than crude extract. In conclusion, Characteristics of bacterial isolates PC-01 are rod-shaped bacterial cells, Gram-positive, and have subterminal oval endospores.

Palabras clave

Endo-Β-Xylanase, Hydrophobic, Interactions, Chromatography

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