The symbolism of colour in the interpretation of a drawing in Gestalt

Lubov V. Karotovskaya, Shatalova, Lubo I, Sergey I. Maslakov, Tatiana A. Syrovatskaya, Anna N. Doborovich, Karina E. Panasenko


The article investigates the peculiarities of colour symbolism and semantics that might be applied in the interpretation of a projective drawing in Gestalt. As a result, a child’s drawing is a kind of figurative art; this is something that has to evoke not just the viewer’s thoughts and feelings about the depicted figurative material. In conclusion, we can supplement a diagnostic component part with a new approach of psychodiagnosis problem-solving of individual and typological features of personality peculiarities in the modern pedagogical educational process.

Palabras clave

Colour, Symbolism, Semantics, Projective, Drawing.

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