Public-legal and private-legal regulation of entrepreneurial activity in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Anet Nurmagambetov, Amanzhol Nurmagambetov, Saule Amandykova, Muslim Khassenov, Saule Nurmagambetova


The purpose of the scientific article is to describe the problem of legal support of the balance of public-legal and private-legal regulation in the Republic of Kazakhstan in conditions of the market economy via formal-logical, historical-legal and systemic-analytical research methods. As a result, a competitive legal system attracts more business and investment under its jurisdiction, contributes to the implementation of bold and advanced ideas. In conclusion, the Entrepreneurial Code should become a guarantor of ensuring the balance of public and private interests in carrying out entrepreneurial activity by establishing at the normative level generally binding rules of conduct (prescriptions).

Palabras clave

Entrepreneurial activity, Public-legal, Private-legal, Regulation.

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