Formation of professional competence of future teachers and psychologists

Tlekshi M. Yessimgaliyeva, Peruza E. Zharylgassova, Gulbaram U. Mugauina, Aigul S. Kurmanbekova, Aigul B. Saduakhassova


The objectives of our research is to determine the prevalence of multilingualism through surveying Kazakh students. A semi-structured interview method was used in our research. Semi-structured interviews are a part of a qualitative research methodology. As a result, the Department of Philology and Multilingual Education has an effective multilevel program for the study of the national language; a scientific and methodical system of teaching the Kazakh language has been formed on the basis of the multi-level modular technology. It can be concluded that educational psychologists in Kazakhstan are not properly educated in terms of multilingual education.

Palabras clave

Practice-Oriented, Training, Educational, Activity, Multilingual.

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