The influence of sports facilities on the life and health of people

Aleksandr A. Grigorkevich, Zauresh G. Saktaganova, Nadezhda V. Barbanova, Alfia M. Nazarova, Karina M. Suleyeva, Vera B. Grigorkevich


Sports and Physical Education in the USSR were kept up to the mark, even party structures were involved. Numerous achievements of Soviet athletes in international sports competitions are a testament to this fact. After the collapse, newly formed governments were dealing with more pressing economic problems, so sports equipment and grounds went downhill, eventually. Under the circumstances, we should return to the Soviet experience in developing sports facilities and bring them back to modern settings. Thus, the purpose of this article is to consider the Soviet experience in developing sports facilities. Methods applied for the purpose were complementary in character. The leading research method of choice was a comparative historical analysis. The research resulted in a list of Soviet achievements in the field of sports facilities. In the USSR, there was a well-planned branched system of sports development, which can be applied in modern settings

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Physical Culture; Sport, History; Soviet.

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