Kazakh Song of Masses: Genesis, Typology, History

Dauresh Akhmetbek


The article describes the history of the Kazakh mass song development, which is considered as an artistic integral phenomenon with its origins and development consistency. Today the Kazakh mass song as a mass music genre is the main focus of the musical art of the Republic. The article analyzes the best Kazakh mass songs of professional academic composers, which were written during the Soviet era in the context of the genre and music development in general. Scientific research materials of musicians from Kazakhstan and Russia were included. The article material has identified a systemic, historical-genetic, comparative, systematic-typological, stylistic methods. Theoretical and practical significance of the work is to focus the research on the development of the doctrine of genres in the field of artistic creation, as well as the possibility to use regulations, findings, summaries and analyzed materials set out in the study.

Palabras clave

Mass Music; Revolutionary Song; Terme.

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