The health-saving culture formation among the students in the higher pedagogic education

Kamarsulu Ibrayeva, Talgat Yerezhepov, Ardak Kalimoldayeva, Menslu Djeksembekova, Zhanyl Madalieva, Onal Abisheva


The article considers the new pedagogic model that is aimed at the formation and development of the health-saving culture. To achieve this purpose, a complex of complementary research methods was used that included pedagogical experiment as the most significant one. As a result of the experiment, the new approach to the development of health-saving culture was elaborated. The students became more responsible in the issues that were associated with their health. As a conclusion, under the favorable social-pedagogical conditions, this system is able to become a stable factor that ensures the formation of health-saving culture among the students

Palabras clave

Health-Saving Culture, Physical Activity.

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