Is there a revival of patriarchal traditions in Kyrgyzstan?

Bermeta G. Tugelbaeva, Saule D. Khamzayeva, Altynai D. Khamzaeva, Aira D. Khamzaeva,, Dzhamilia D. Khamzaeva


This article is devoted to factors responsible for the revival of discriminatory customs against women in Kyrgyzstan via several sociological methods and the in-depth interview as the leading research method. As results, the weakness of public administration, the lack of a positive ideology of change, ignorance of education problems, and the meeting moods among the rural and urban population, led to a surge in permissiveness among young people. In conclusion, Socialization plays a critical role in preserving gender inequality as a tool for reproducing and fixing the gender (social) roles of women and men.

Palabras clave

Gender Inequality, Gender Stereotypes, Socialization.

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