Politics as a requirement. On the concept of Human Rights and the right to an autobiography as an ethical category.

Jose Vicente Villalobos


To speak of democracy today implies having an idea of the evolution of law as a guarantee for its exercise. Nobody can express himself around the elements that constitute it without making references to its fundamental structure, that is, the right to an autobiography. Let us see what is meant by such.                    When a ruler reaches the control of the power that the political right gives him through the organs of legitimacy, that base his exercise in democratic terms, it means that he submits in an unrestricted way to the limits that the same power consecrates for its materialization. Thus, when the Law that legitimates him, orders him to make all the necessary efforts to guarantee a life not only viable but satisfactory in social terms for all the citizens that make up the political conglomerate, he is reaffirming that it is him (the political class or, the party in power) justly responsible for the viability of the system, formally speaking, and the personal viability of each member of the polis, in material terms, including governance institutions. The mere mention in the Constitutional Letters of the countries that call themselves democratic by way of their political declaration, is enough argument to attribute not only political responsibility when these guarantees are not evident from the daily social praxis, but from what is much more profound, of the moral responsibility that every democratic order wields, just as an ethical guarantee of compliance with social benefits, especially when it does not take the necessary measures so that society, and the individuals considered in it, achieve the level of satisfaction in terms of the materiality that is its own, translatable in social achievements and promotions, projected towards what all ethics, whether formal or material, conventional or non-conventional, point to as a way of realizing the humanly human, that is, to dignity. The legal discourse is based precisely on these arguments with demands of compliance under justly binding parameters.

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