Analysis of the proverbs related to the lexemes "tongue / language"

Altynshash Kurmanali, Botagoz Suiyerkul, Kuralay Aitmukhametova, Zhanagul Turumbetova, Bakhytgul Smanova


The main purpose of the research is to analyze the Kazakh and Turkish proverbs related to the lexeme "tongue/language", to identify their similarities, specificities and to reveal the national and cultural characteristics of both languages. In accordance with the purpose of the research, we used the comparative and componential analysis as a tool to investigate common characteristics and distinctive features of the concept of "tongue/language". The findings of the research can be used in the elective courses like cultural linguistics, ethnolinguistics, folklore, and comparative phraseology and will serve as a material for compiling dictionaries of idioms and proverbs in lexicography.

Palabras clave

proverbs and sayings, tongue / language, comparative analysis, cultural values

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